Sacred Hunting is a Rite of Passage

Join our sacred hunting immersion experiences, build confidence, and step into manhood in the path of our ancestors.

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The 2021 Man: Overworked & Painfully Domesticated

Civilization is a huge blessing... but it comes at the cost of fewer rites of passage and fewer ways to express healthy masculinity.

If your inner warrior wants OUT (beyond paintball and crossfit)... then you're ready for the hunt.

Most men feel they are missing something before they are initiated

This is what initiation creates...

Confidence in self

"There is nothing that inspires confidence in me than literally being able to go out and eat what I kill. Cannot recommend hunting enough."

- Mansal D

Intimacy with nature

"It's a powerful experience to get to connect with the land... spiritually, I had a really big breakthrough just being in that container..."

- Brandon E

Connection with food

"It’s no secret that the food system is broken…[I want to] only consume the meat that I directly hunt or trade
- Jordan B

Healthy relationship with death

"Seeing her approach death was an emotional experience...I teared up and cried a bit."

- Tim K


"It was a really great experience to bond with the other men there...[I enjoyed] the fireside convos. Awesome group of guys..."

- Kitch W

Primal masculinity

"Some of the most important men's work... world's work, really... this is something that felt really important for me to connect with my primal roots..."

- Jordan B

How its Done

There is no therapy, method, or program as old or as profound as sacred hunting.

Sacred Ceremony with Power Plants

Power plants, taken in sacred ceremony, have allowed men to expand their consciousness for tens of thousands of years. Examples of power plants include cacao, reishi, and others.

Indigenous Practices, Prayers & Intentions

Indigenous hunter-gatherers had an intimate relationship with nature and the mysteries of the universe. Reclaiming these practices boosts our sense of gratitude and presence.

Hunting Ethically with a Tribe of Men

Hunting is older than humanity itself. Tribes of men would bond around the fire, share laughs, and provide meat for their loved ones and community.

Guided By

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting, host of the Mansal Denton Podcast, and the subject of an upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life and death through hunting. 

Feeling insecure in early life, he chased a woman to Europe, which led him to prison. Struggling with shame and confusion of what it meant to be a man, he found his calling with the sacred art of hunting. He now desires to share this practice with more men.

His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 6 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart".

It's Easy to Start

Step 1

Apply & Schedule a Call

Each experience is invite only. Outside applications will be evaluated fairly to see if there is a fit. We will discuss what you desire to achieve and what stumbling blocks are holding you back.

Step 2

Choose Your Adventure

If you are selected, choose which commitment aligns with your schedule and financial means. We have programs of many ranges and this is a substantial investment in yourself.

Step 3

Experience True Confidence

There is nothing more powerful for a man to feel competent and secure standing on his own two feet. Harness this power to create the relationships and professional life you desire.


What's the Experience Like?

If you feel trepidation, hesitance, or even fear, it's totally understandable. After dozens of participants, hear what they say on the other side.


Choose Your Adventure

Sacred Hunting Immersion

* Facilitated 3-day hunt to learn the basics of hunting and butchering an animal (see calendar here). Beginners will use a rifle to start.

* Power plants & indigenous ceremonies to deepen your relationship with masculinity and your food

* Lodging, food, and access to prime hunting grounds. You will learn from the foundations every part of the process.

* Pricing varies depending on programming. This is a major time & monetary commitment in yourself.

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Sacred Heart Quest

* 3-Day in-person vision quest to harness the wisdom of nature

* 3-month program to bring wisdom into daily life

* Private accountability group to post exercises, journaling & get support from other men who have been through this rite of passage

* Support calls to enable participants to come into greater embodiment, a deeper connection to mission/purpose, & follow through effectively in their commitments

Apply here

Koitsenko Society

* Annual, invite-only membership for intermediate & advanced Sacred Hunting participants

* Curated group of peers to have nationwide & international adventures

* Bi-monthly local, hog hunting access to ONLY eat meat you harvested

* Day clinics (rifle, handgun, wildlife tracking, cooking) & wild game banquet events to solidify brotherhood 

* 20 Participant maximum (highly selective process)

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This is for you if...

I'm struggling with...

  • "Feeling fulfilled even though I'm professionally successful."
  • "Confidence that I can survive in nature and provide food on my own."
  • "Relating at an intimate level with my girlfriend / wife."
  • "Feeling deep friendship and community of brotherhood."

If I could just...

  • "Learn how to hunt, I'd feel more secure."
  • "Take responsibility for the  meat I eat, I'd feel proud."
  • "Find a connection to something bigger than myself, I'd feel a sense of purpose."
  • "Relate with a group of brothers, I'd realize I'm not alone."

Because I want to...

  • "Experience the rite of passage of taking life to sustain life."
  • "Eat meat I'm proud to share with my family and friends."
  • "Find and share my greatest gifts for the betterment of all."
  • "Feel confident in my hunting abilities."

...Or if you're like these people


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What People Are Saying

"It was incredible...Easily one of the best experiences of my life. First kill on the tail end of medicine... I've never experienced anything like it."

- Kyle Kingsbury 

Onnit / retired-UFC Fighter / Kyle Kingsbury Podcast


Mike Salemi
Pro Athlete (Kettlebell & Bulgarian Bag) & Movement Instructor

Jordan Bowditch
Conscious Bro & Men's Group Facilitator


Luke Storey
The Life Stylist Podcast

Chris Marhefka
CEO of Training Camp for the Soul


Brandon Epstein
Founder of Jump Rope Dudes

Jared Nations
President of Investors Alley


Peter Griffin
Circling & Authentic Relating Facilitator

Wladi Montoya
Fitness & Life Coach

"This was among the more powerful, introspective experiences of my life. Something about the ceremony, beautiful setting, challenging physical work, and strong medicine, combined into an extremely deep trance state that I hadn't been in before. Weeks later I'm still working on integrating and reflecting on all of it, but needless to say it's going to influence my writing for the next few months, and it dramatically shifted my perspective on my life and work."

- Nat E

Want to connect with your food & tap into primal wisdom?

If you aren't ready to commit to a Sacred Hunting beginner immersion experience, that's understandable. You can pick up my book Sacred Hunting: Rekindling an Ancient Spiritual Practice.

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I have made the book available on the pay-what-you-desire model so it can reach as many people as possible. Sign up below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any participant is free to choose, but we highly recommend beginners start with a rifle. It is both easier to have the 0 to 1 experience of taking a life and it is also more ethical to have a quick, clean kill for the sake of the animal.

Beginner Sacred Hunting trips currently have ~ 73% success rate for participants. There is a high level of likelihood you will have an opportunity. However, please note that the experience is about far more than whether you get to pull the trigger on an animal.

The Sacred Hunting Immersion beginner experiences are created to allow complete beginners to learn the practical skills of firing a rifle, stalking, killing, gutting, and skinning the animal. Any prior preparation and practice is a plus, but it is possible to show up without any experience.

Yes, each attendee will split the meat from the experience equally. We are "in this together". Meat processing can take weeks to months so there will be a delay, but it will be available for pick up or shipped to those not living in Austin, TX.

Sacred Hunting is Only For the Chosen Few...

Taking the life of an animal, pushing through discomfort, expanding consciousness; these are not trivial. These are part of a profound and challenging initiation. If you feel truly called to this, please join.

Yes, I'm ready

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