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Our heart-centered leaders facilitate transformation using hunting as a rite of passage, nature, indigenous wisdom, and plant medicines

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Heart-Centered Leadership

Sacred Hunting provides attendees with an opportunity to participate in an intimate and transformative act (killing of an animal and eating it) done with intention, devotion, and reverence, that evokes feelings and emotions that connect us to the wholeness of everything.

Transformation is defined as an experience of self-realization that expands or upgrades one's perspective in order to positively impact one's life. Men must be specifically trained in order to facilitate transformation.

Head Facilitator

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting. He has facilitated over 60 in-person events counting 4,000 hours of facilitation time. He is the founder of the organization. Outside of in-person facilitation, his role is as an evangelist for the movement.

His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 8 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart".


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Our Tenants of Faith

Sacred Hunting is a 501(c)3 and federally recognized church. Our organization accepts and integrates all spiritual traditions without judgment. Please find our core tenants below.

  1. Earth is a living being. All life, animal, plant, and fungi, are sacred. They are worthy of our respect, care, protection, and love.
  2. All beings, humans, animals, plants, fungi, and rocks are connected and bound to each other. We cannot harm any part of Earth without harming ourselves.
  3. In Her wisdom, the Great Spirit created the sacrament of Psilocybe mushrooms and other plants for the teaching, healing, and empowerment of all. Humans, like many other species including dolphins, elephants, jaguars, etc., have evolved in relationship with these mind-altering, naturally-derived entheogens.
  4. Seeking a direct connection with food through hunting, gardening, raising livestock, and intimacy with those who engage in these practices is virtuous. “Wacekiye” means “prayer” in Lakota, literally “to claim relationship with” or “to seek connection to”. 
  5. The Great Spirit is within each of us and we are within Great Spirit. This includes the laws of the universe and our intuition. Connecting with the Great Spirit is not done through scripture, but through personal feeling and experience, a feature of Eco-animism. 
  6. As individuals, we are not above or better than any other human. We are not above the Earth; rather we are aspects of Earth’s being.
  7. Each individual’s relationship to Great Spirit is of a higher priority than one’s relationship to the Church. The Church facilitates and empowers individuals to foster their own relationship with the Great Spirit. The mountains, the oceans, the forests, the desert, and all creation are the pre-eminent teachers.
  8. Great Spirit flows through each individual. Our life’s work is to allow higher power to flow through us.
  9. Personal sacrifice that births larger consciousness is a pathway to gratitude, appreciation, and humility. Carried out with intentionality, such as in the case of fasting and abstinence, honors Great Spirit in self.
  10. Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Gautama Buddha, Buffalo Calf Woman were all wise people who found pathways to altered and elevated expanded states of consciousness.

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Leadership in the oldest practice known to man requires your highest self. If you believe you're ready, join the next Facilitator Training. Hunting experience is not needed as the L1 training is about transformation.


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