Sacred Hunting is a Rite of Passage

Join our Hawaii Sacred Hunting retreat to source your own wild meat, connect with your primal roots, and step into manhood as our ancestors would have done.

Hawaii Hunt Details

The 2021 Man: Overworked & Painfully Domesticated

Civilization is a huge blessing... but it comes at the cost of fewer rites of passage and fewer ways to express healthy masculinity.

If your inner warrior wants OUT (beyond paintball and crossfit)... then you're ready for the hunt.

Most men feel they are missing something before they are initiated

This is what initiation creates...

Confidence in self

"There is nothing that inspires confidence in me than literally being able to go out and eat what I kill. Cannot recommend hunting enough."

- Mansal D

Intimacy with nature

"It's a powerful experience to get to connect with the land... spiritually, I had a really big breakthrough just being in that container..."

- Brandon E

Connection with food

"It’s no secret that the food system is broken…[I want to] only consume the meat that I directly hunt or trade” 
- Jordan B

Healthy relationship with death

"Seeing her approach death was an emotional experience...I teared up and cried a bit."

- Tim K


"It was a really great experience to bond with the other men there...[I enjoyed] the fireside convos. Awesome group of guys..."

- Kitch W

Primal masculinity

"Some of the most important men's work... world's work, really... this is something that felt really important for me to connect with my primal roots..."

- Jordan B

How its Done

There is no therapy, method, or program as old or as profound as sacred hunting.

Hunting Ethically with a Tribe of Men

Hunting is older than humanity itself. Tribes of men would bond around the fire, share laughs, and provide meat for their loved ones and community.

Indigenous Practices, Prayers & Intentions

Indigenous hunter-gatherers had an intimate relationship with nature and the mysteries of the universe. Reclaiming these practices boosts our sense of gratitude and presence.

Sacred Ceremony with Power Plants

Power plants, taken in sacred ceremony, have allowed men to expand their consciousness for tens of thousands of years. Examples include reishi, cacao, etc

Hawaii Medicine Hunt (Molokai): 

There are over 20,000 axis deer on the island and around 7,000 humans. The animals are in huge herds, which means there are dozens of pairs of eyes looking for movement from predators like us. The hunting is a combination of ambushing (waiting behind/near a tree as the herds follow their daily migration pattern from water to open grassland) AND spotting / stalking when there is no available shot.

The axis deer on Molokai eat mesquite pods (one of the most ubiquitous plant foods on the island), which gives their meat a great flavor. Axis deer is considered some of the best meat (alongside elk) in the world. Join this hunt to connect with the process of killing an animal in order to eat, connecting with yourself, your brothers, and remembering an old way of living.

"It was incredible...Easily one of the best experiences of my life. First kill on the tail end of medicine... I've never experienced anything like it."

- Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast / retired UFC Fighter

Hawaii Medicine Hunt (Molokai): 

What: Hunting axis deer (~ 40-70 lbs of meat each. We can hunt up to two).
When: August 20 - 23, 2021
Where: Molokai, Hawaii
Cost: $6.5k per person + Hawaii hunting license. This includes food and lodging for 3 nights & 4 days. **Payment plans available.**
Available Spots: 8 total

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guide will flash freeze the meat and can ship us coolers from Hawaii via FedEx. It will cost about $70, but that's a small price to pay to not have to carry that around with you. The only catch is that each person will need to bring a cooler for shipping. Molokai is too small an island and likely will not have any (much less 6) coolers for sale. You can likely put food/snacks in the cooler, check it in, and come back without one so it's not a huge commitment.

Weapons can be easily transported to Hawaii using a TSA case. These are not expensive and are generally better gun cases than existing ones. Alternatively, you can use a TSA lock on your existing case, which would be a more affordable/simpler option.

They take it somewhat seriously, but it isn't overly problematic. They require a negative COVID test 72 hours before arrival and a bit of other paperwork (where you're staying, etc etc). This is all stuff that I will coordinate. However, be mindful that if you are planning to go to other islands while you are there, there will be more paperwork/legwork.

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they could be somewhat uncomfortably squeezed in on the island, but there is not a lot of added space (either with the hunting group or on the island as a whole). The island is not like the others. It has little for tourists and little to no development. 
If significant others would like to come to the Hawaiian islands, I would suggest they spend time on another island where you can meet afterward (Kauai or Oahu).

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