The Man Rewilded Experience

4 Month Coaching Program + 4 Day Hunting Retreat | Oct 13-17, 2021


Let Out Your Inner Wildness to Discover Your True Strength

Connect to Primal Roots

"Some of the most important men's work... world's work, really... this is something that felt really important for me to connect with my primal roots..."

- Jordan B

Bond with Like-Minded Men

"It was a really great experience to bond with the other men there...[I enjoyed] the fireside convos. Awesome group of guys..."

- Kitch W

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

"This was among the more powerful, introspective experiences of my life... it dramatically shifted my perspective on my life and work.

- Nat E

If you've grown to your limit inside society but you hunger for a new horizon...

It's time to initiate like men were born to do: out in the wild 


Venture beyond your predictable routines to find adventure, self-reliance, & brotherhood.

Before suits and iphones, every man went into the wild to initiate adulthood. Legends of heroes all include a quest to face their demons and find greater wisdom... but our society is not built for heroes or warriors. It's built for predictability.

Our modern society is reliable for so many important parts of life... but you shouldn't have to measure your success by digits in a bank account instead of by your relationships, fulfillment, and self-mastery.

In The Man Rewilded, we'll venture to the wilds of our emotions, psychology, desires and physical ability. Along with a small and trusted group of men, we will spend 4 months in preparation for a long weekend of profound experiences in nature, soul-bearing connection, reverent hunting, and powerful exercises to face our shadows and grow beyond our limits.

Apply to see how The Man Rewilded will forward your evolution and offer the challenge that no other experience can provide. Where else can you leave all boundaries behind to get in touch with your primal roots?

"The skills I learned in the immersive hunting weekend were so valuable, they translate into my life. I was a major beginner with hunting, but that wasn't an issue. I was guided to have my own revelations and, man, did I. Although I didn't kill an animal, I realized the purpose of the trip was reconnecting to a part of me that had died - and that was absolutely transformative."

Jared Nations


  • Access to Stef's 8-Principles of Healthy Masculinity Course, The Conscious Man
  • Monthly group calls to acquaint with the other men and get coaching (4 months)
  • Mansal's APEX: Sacred Hunting Beginner Course to prepare mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for taking life in a reverent way
  • NOTE: Rifles & ammo will be provided and full details will be given on the Application Call.


Oct 13-17, 2021. Food, medicine, & lodging provided

  • Getting in state: Breathwork, nature isolation and silence, daily physical challenges, medicine ceremonies
  • Sacred Hunting: connection to land, reverence of nature and animals, ancient techniques, killing and harvesting
  • Inner work: emotional release, facing death: exploring prosperity, abundance and wealth creation, purpose, values, sexuality, relationships, brotherhood...
  • Sweat lodge (Rebirth) and closing with FUN (celebration of life)

Step Into the Wild

1. Apply

Fill out the application & we'll schedule a call with you. We'll talk through what you'd like to accomplish & make sure you're a good fit.

2. Inner Discovery

Begin the Conscious Man & APEX courses with monthly coaching calls. You'll meet the group and fully prepare for your retreat.

3. Rewilding Retreat

Join us in Texas for 4 days with a group of 8-10 other men for a transformational growth and Sacred Hunting experience.

Apply Now

Every man deserves this rite of passage. If you feel ready to step into the wild, fill out an application to see if you're a fit.

Your Guides

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting, host of the Mansal Denton Podcast, and the subject of an upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life and death through hunting. 

Feeling insecure in early life, he chased a woman to Europe, which led him to prison. Struggling with shame and confusion of what it meant to be a man, he found his calling with the sacred art of hunting. He now desires to share this practice with more men.

His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 6 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart".

"When you're going into the wild... nature will give you her lessons and the medicine will amplify them. The earth is a far better facilitator than any human being."

Stefanos Sifandos "Howling Prayer" is a relationship coach, men’s leader, behavioral scientist and masculine/feminine educator dedicated to helping you create a life of meaning, fulfillment and purpose. By restructuring and reframing his own masculinity, Stef has created methodologies for navigating the often difficult path of manhood, intimacy and relationships. With a focus on integrating ancient wisdom with modern psychology, Stef provides an innovative framework for evolving sacred sexuality, dealing with trauma’s, enhancing relationships and deepening love.

Having worked closely with elite special forces soldiers, gold medal Olympians and world champion fighters in the realm of mindset, trauma recovery and high performance, Stef knows what is required to break through limitations and build and uncover the best version of you.

“There is something special and unique that transpires when in the wild and in the elements, while also deliberately focusing on the personal being that is you. A part of you is revealed that has been dormant for most of your life. Scared to be seen, fearful to be known. It's my mission to help you reconnect with your truth and empower you to create the abundant and full life you deserve."

"As a man in a world of Alpha males, it can be difficult to show emotion or compassion. Stef forms a foundation of safety and trust. If you are looking for the edge in peak performance or perhaps you are going through a challenging time in your life, I highly recommend Stef's coaching and event programs as inspiring, relevant, and actionable."

Daniel J
Australian Special Forces

"I didn't know anything about the land or what I was doing... I'd hunted, but I wasn't experiencing the connection with the land or the food. When I was out there [with Mansal], I felt reinvigorated. I felt reconnected when we set intentions & made the whole experience more sacred. I imagine our ancestors would be doing things this way - respect, prayer, brotherhood, & connection."

Chris Marhefka

What does it mean to be a man rewilded?

  • Your confidence and self-reliance skyrockets as you live off the land and connect with nature deeply
  • You release bound-up tension, emotions, and limitations and learn how to express in close relationships.
  • You test your limits and gain awareness of your fears and blind spots
  • You develop a close brotherhood of lifelong friendships and experience the support of others
  • You have the skills to feed your family and support the life you want with your own two hands
  • Your romantic relationships improve as you take back the edge that your routines had worn down



The Conscious Man Course by Stefanos Sifandos

This 8 module program includes cutting-edge methods interwoven with ancient practices to help men like you conquer limitations, step into their power, and create the life and legacy they truly desire.

  • Be more self-reliant, decisive and trusted
  • Become deeply masterful in your sexual expression and performance
  • Relate to men, women, and children effectively
  • Become a magnet for affluence, abundance, and certainty
  • Align your posture, purpose, and actions to the healthy masculine authentic to you

VALUE: $1997

APEX: Sacred Hunting Beginner Course by Mansal Denton

The APEX Sacred Hunting Beginner Course is an 11 module series to prepare attendees spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically for the hunt.

The first 7 modules are dedicated to comprehensive preparation including journaling prompts, meditations, prep lists, and walkthroughs. The final 4 modules are reserved for post-hunt integration to ensure the transformative experience creates lasting growth.

VALUE: $1500

Sacred Heart Quest: 3 Month Integration Program by Mansal Denton

The 3-month Sacred Heart Quest is an additional integration offering ONLY for participants of Sacred Hunting. The program brings the peak experience from our weekend together and brings that into your daily life. 

  • Find and embody our values not only in how we speak, but what we do and who we are
  • Clarify your mission and purpose for being on this Earth through the ancient wisdom traditions
  • Learn how to follow-through on commitments to check in whether you are living in accordance to what you learned from The Man Rewilded

VALUE: $3000

"It was incredible...Easily one of the best experiences of my life. First kill on the tail end of medicine... I've never experienced anything like it."

- Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast / retired UFC Fighter

"My name is Daniel Dawson with my sporting alias being: “The Rock”. I am 8 times world champion through 3 different combat sports of Boxing, Kickboxing, & Muay Thai. I am also the only person on the planet to have achieved world titles in these three sporting disciplines.

I would recommend Stef to anyone in need of transforming themselves into the self they truly want to be. Life is full of challenges and obstacles, Stef has great adaptability - regardless, he will find a way to keep moving forward, being effective, and draw you closer to your goals.

The immersive men’s wild/nature experiences, coupled with the deep personal exploration has shifted my life, mindset, and ability to be present as a fighter, husband, father, and man."

- Daniel Dawson "The Rock"

It's time to be rewilded if you are...

Stir crazy after a year of the same daily routines?

Feeling isolated from like-minded men?

Tired of handling everything on your own?

Carrying baggage that drains you?

Feeling stalled in your growth, wanting a jumpstart, novelty, or a new challenge?

Tired of relying on restaurants and grocery stores to feed you - and skeptical of the food system?

Don't let the limitations of society put a ceiling on your potential

There's more available to experience and become when we step outside of rules, the concrete around us, and our routines. We can become rewilded. Apply to join the next experience in October 2021.


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