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Get my full presentation "Harness the Warrior Within" for just $35. 

I detail the 6-step system that I’ve used on hundreds of men to help them integrate the warrior archetype in their careers, relationships, and life.

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  • Sacred Hunting: Rekindling an Ancient Spiritual Practice (Softcover): $20
  • 24 Step Hunting Checklist: $25
  • The Killer in You is Not About Food (3-Part Video Series): $50

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Sacred Hunting — a book like no other — reads like a song of healing, a reminder to the reader of our proper place on the landscape and our right-relationship with the Earth. Reuniting the hunter with the hunted, it’s a gentle invitation into another way of interpreting the world. This vulnerable account of one man’s journey is both a daily devotional and a manual on how to reverently approach the hunt, one that the non, and even the anti-hunter, will respect and appreciate...Rather than defending the hunt, Mansal Denton is taking responsibility for it. The beauty, yes, but also the pain, violence, and even sadness that are part of it too. His is a message of total unification, one that the world of hunting desperately needs now more than ever.

Daniel Vitalis - Wild Fed TV Show & Podcast Host