Sacred Hunting is a Rite of Passage

Join our Sacred Hunting retreat to source your own wild meat, connect with your primal roots, and step into manhood as our ancestors would have done.


The 2022 Man: Overworked & Painfully Domesticated

Civilization is a huge blessing... but it comes at the cost of fewer rites of passage and fewer ways to express healthy masculinity.

If your inner warrior wants OUT (beyond paintball and crossfit)... then you're ready for the hunt.

Most men feel they are missing something before they are initiated

This is what initiation creates...

Confidence in self

"There is nothing that inspires confidence in me than literally being able to go out and eat what I kill. Cannot recommend hunting enough."

- Mansal D

Intimacy with nature

"It's a powerful experience to get to connect with the land... spiritually, I had a really big breakthrough just being in that container..."

- Brandon E

Connection with food

"It’s no secret that the food system is broken…[I want to] only consume the meat that I directly hunt or trade” 
- Jordan B

Healthy relationship with death

"Seeing her approach death was an emotional experience...I teared up and cried a bit."

- Tim K


"It was a really great experience to bond with the other men there...[I enjoyed] the fireside convos. Awesome group of guys..."

- Kitch W

Primal masculinity

"Some of the most important men's work... world's work, really... this is something that felt really important for me to connect with my primal roots..."

- Jordan B

What's the Experience Like?

If you feel trepidation, hesitance, or even fear, it's totally understandable. After dozens of participants, hear what they say on the other side.


How its Done

There is no therapy, method, or program as old or as profound as sacred hunting.

Hunting Ethically with a Tribe of Men

Hunting is older than humanity itself. Tribes of men would bond around the fire, share laughs, and provide meat for their loved ones and community.

Indigenous Practices, Prayers & Intentions

Indigenous hunter-gatherers had an intimate relationship with nature and the mysteries of the universe. Reclaiming these practices boosts our sense of gratitude and presence.

Sacred Ceremony with Plant Medicines

Entheogens and plant medicines, taken in sacred ceremony, have allowed men to expand their consciousness for tens of thousands of years.

Guided By

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting, author, & the subject of an upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life & death through hunting. He's a TV show host for a new show exploring indigenous cultures, their spiritual beliefs, & charismatic animals. 

Feeling insecure in early life, he chased a woman to Europe, which led him to prison. Struggling with shame and confusion of what it meant to be a man, he found his calling with the sacred art of hunting. He now desires to share this practice with more men.

His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 7 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart".

It's Easy to Start

Step 1

Apply & Schedule a Call

Everyone is evaluated fairly to see if there is a fit. We will discuss what you desire to achieve and what stumbling blocks are holding you back.

Step 2

Choose Your Adventure

Choose which commitment aligns with your schedule and financial means. We have programs of many ranges and this is a substantial investment in yourself.

Step 3

Experience True Confidence

There is nothing more powerful for a man to feel competent and secure standing on his own two feet. Harness this power to create the relationships and professional life you desire.

Apply Now

Every man deserves this rite of passage. Apply now to see if you are a fit. Use Paul Saladino's name on the exploratory call.

Example Immersion Itinerary

Please note that each experience is different due to the facilitators, intentions, and focus. This is subject to change.

  • Learning the basics of hunting
  • Storytelling, sharing, and setting intentions
  • Guided breath work and meditations
  • Leave from Austin, TX
  • Guided spot and stalk hunting
  • Guided group meditations
  • Deepening intimacy with death - how to gut, skin, and clean your prey
  • Plant medicine ceremonies
  • Guided hunt for those who have not yet killed an animal
  • Closing sharing, support, and accountability
  • Return to Austin, TX

Upcoming Dates

June 10 - 12, 2022 (Immersion)

Location: Austin, TX

Focus: Sacred Hunting

Facilitators: Mansal Denton

October 7 - 9, 2022 (Immersion)

Location: Austin, TX

Focus: Sacred Hunting

Facilitators: Mansal Denton

"It was incredible...Easily one of the best experiences of my life. First kill on the tail end of medicine... I've never experienced anything like it."

- Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast / retired UFC Fighter


Apply Now

Every man deserves this rite of passage. Apply now to see if you are a fit. Use Paul Saladino's name on the exploratory call.


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