Ennake: Meaning Through Wild Foods

Ennake (pronounced: en-nock-key) is Muskogee for "cherished relatives", acknowledging that all living beings are connected.

Join this immersive food pop-up experience with 10 courses of thought-provoking wild foraged foods. 

This meal will infuse a deep sense of meaning and connection to the food you eat, how it is sourced, and intimacy to the nature surrounding us.

Created by: Mansal Denton, Nathan Smith (head chef), & Corey Deyalsingh (sous chef) 

Areas of Focus

Wild Foods

There are edible foods of incredible nutritional and culinary value all around us. Broadening our horizons on what is edible (and how tasty it can be!) changes the way we perceive the world around us.

Active Participation

Each participant should expect to attend as an active participant. We have chefs preparing a delicious menu AND we play a role in co-creating our food together.


There are 5 basic flavor profiles in the culinary world: sweet, savory, sour, bitter, and umami. We are introducing a 6th profile: meaning. This comes from connection, caring, and active participation.

What to Expect

The first Ennake pop-up is April 18th, 2023 at 5-9 PM. Please arrive promptly.

🌟♥️ $140 per person (Limited 15 people)

🌟♥️ Participation in collecting & crafting our food

🌟♥️ Local sourcing, no soy, no seed oils, no refined sugar, no peanuts. Menus are fixed and we can accommodate only Gluten Free dietary preferences (and allergens)

🌟♥️ Expect a thought-provoking experience on food, what's required to create it, and death.

🌟♥️ This experience is for ages 13+

🌟♥️ We will be at Hamilton Pool Vineyard located at 25711 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78663


Created By

Mansal Denton is the founder of Sacred Hunting. He first found hunting as a way to connect more deeply with nature and become intimate with the death that his life requires. This catalyzed a love for cooking, food, and sharing the awe and wonder of the wild world with others. He has facilitated over 50 experiences for beginners to learn the act of hunting. The Ennake food pop-up is an extension of his mission to bring meaning and connection into peoples' lives through nature.

Nathan Smith has developed a passion for leaning into a holonic lifestyle. He studied at The Art Institute culinary program in Denver, Colorado and worked in fine dining as a chef. It was working in the culinary world where he began to see food as a community-building opportunity, a value he brings to Sacred Hunting experiences that he guides. He is proud to share a taste of Texas through the wonderful animals, plants, and people that make it possible. 


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