Has the global pandemic caught you unprepared?

Learn how to hunt animals in a sacred way, survive in the wild, and build confidence in your sufficiency.

October 1 - 4, 2020 in Austin, Texas

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Dear brothers & sisters,

Pandemic! The very word strikes fear into many. But fear is a powerful messenger and ally. Right now it is teaching us to build our self-sufficiency, learn how to fend for ourselves, and to provide for our communities.

This is something our ancestors have been doing for a very long time. Survival skills used to be a necessity, not a luxury.

Much like you, I was raised in an urban environment with more cars, skyscrapers, and trash than nature, animals, or wildness.

Learning to hunt is not easy. But it is a valuable skill...

And it can literally save your life.

If you have thought about learning to hunt, how to survive on meat you killed yourself, now is the time.

My name is Mansal. I’m the founder of Sacred Hunting and I’m honored to make the act of hunting more accessible to people like you.

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"The hunt, like love making, occurs in a timeless zone where all external measures cease to apply. It is a ritual of concentration that determines life and death for all concerned." - John Vaillant

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Jordan Bowditch

“it’s something I’d always wanted to do... I’m not outdoorsy...like at all, but this is something that felt important for me to connect with. my primal roots, with nature...”

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Brandon Epstein

“It’s a powerful experience to get to connect with the land... spiritually, i had a really big breakthrough just being in that container...”

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Johnny Ronca

“I would definitely recommend this... to anyone who is learning more about hunting and has no clue what is going on. Mansal is amazing. Everything was so effortless.”

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Learning to hunt requires a major time, energy, and financial commitment. Only apply if you can spend 4 days and $2750 to acquire this skill.

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Mansal Denton "Little Beaver" is the founder of Sacred Hunting, host of What We Eat podcast, and the subject of an upcoming documentary BELOW THE DROP exploring our relationship to life and death through hunting. Raised as a vegetarian, Mansal turned to meat when he started listening to his body. Saddened by factory farming practices, he learned to hunt and fish to source his own food. His indigenous name comes from a Crow Sun Dance chief. His spiritual lineage is derived from 6 years of mentorship from a Muskogee/Creek medicine man named Will "Star Heart".

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