Sacred Hunting is a Rite of Passage

Join our exclusive Sacred Hunting retreat with combat veterans to source your own wild meat, connect with brotherhood, & heal the warrior within

Combat Vet Hunt

War and the Soul

Indigenous cultures had war as a rite of passage... but with elaborate rituals for re-integration within the tribe.

If your inner warrior desires to reconnect with the archetype in a nourishing way for yourself, your family, and community... then you're ready for the hunt.

Most men feel they are missing something before they are initiated

This is what initiation creates...

Confidence in self

"There is nothing that inspires confidence in me than literally being able to go out and eat what I kill. Cannot recommend hunting enough."

- Mansal D

Intimacy with nature

"It's a powerful experience to get to connect with the land... spiritually, I had a really big breakthrough just being in that container..."

- Brandon E

Connection with food

"It’s no secret that the food system is broken…[I want to] only consume the meat that I directly hunt or trade” 
- Jordan B

Healthy relationship with death

"Seeing her approach death was an emotional experience...I teared up and cried a bit."

- Tim K


"It was a really great experience to bond with the other men there...[I enjoyed] the fireside convos. Awesome group of guys..."

- Kitch W

Primal masculinity

"Some of the most important men's work... world's work, really... this is something that felt really important for me to connect with my primal roots..."

- Jordan B

How its Done

There is no therapy, method, or program as old or as profound as sacred hunting.

Hunting Ethically with a Tribe of Men

Hunting is older than humanity itself. Tribes of men would bond around the fire, share laughs, and provide meat for their loved ones and community.

Indigenous Practices, Prayers & Intentions

Indigenous hunter-gatherers had an intimate relationship with nature and the mysteries of the universe. Reclaiming these practices boosts our sense of gratitude and presence.

Sacred Ceremony with Power Plants

Power plants, taken in sacred ceremony, have allowed men to expand their consciousness for tens of thousands of years. Examples include reishi, cacao, etc

"...transformative experience we all lived last weekend during the Sacred Hunting Veteran Ceremony. The depth, vastness, and profound enlightenment we experienced defy the constraints of language...your dedication to cultivating a sacred container filled with openness, compassion and understanding was felt by every soul in our circle. You've opened your hearts and minds to us, and for that, I am profoundly grateful."

- Ryan Roberts

U.S. Marine Corps & Served in Iraq

"After I shot the whitetail deer and I ran to see her and had my hands on the warm body when it was shaking and the last heartbeats, there was a moment that our eyes locked and gazed. There was this surrender...the most graceful experience of my life. This beauty of nature, surrendering to life. It was so deep. It was such a humble experience."

- Gili Oren

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) & Palestinian War veteran

Combat Veteran Sacred Hunting

When: January 25-28, 2024
Where: Austin, Texas
Cost: Sliding scale depending on need. Nobody will be turned down due to financials.
Available Spots: 8 total

Meet Your Guides

Mansal Denton "Little Beaver"

Mansal Denton is the founder of Sacred Hunting, author of the book by the same name, and transformation facilitator. He brings together indigenous rites, rituals, and plant medicine ceremonies together with hunting to facilitate inner growth. 

Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is a coach, podcaster, and perpetual seeker of truth. He is a Navy veteran deployed to the Middle East and Africa. He is a space holder and thought leader in the plant medicine space.

Matt Kinneberg

Matt Kinneberg is half Navajo and brings a rich tradition and culture to Sacred Hunting. He is a former USMC veteran and is currently a lead hunting guide. 

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Every combat veteran deserves re-integration. Each Sacred Hunting veteran experience has 8 available spots. Apply now. Those who are not selected will be added to the list for future veteran events.

What's the Experience Like?

If you feel trepidation, hesitance, or even fear, it's totally understandable. After dozens of participants, hear what they say on the other side.


This is for you if you're like these people...


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Every combat veteran deserves re-integration. Each Sacred Hunting veteran experience has 8 available spots. Apply now. Those who are not selected will be added to the list for future veteran events.


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